Puberty Talk: A Parent-Child Interactive Course to Navigate Puberty with Confidence

Puberty can be a bewildering and complicated phase for children as they approach their pre-teen years. As a parent or caregiver, it’s crucial to be ready to guide your child confidently and positively through this period. To understand and explore the changes that occur during puberty, Puberty Talk is an interactive course, specifically created for parents and pre-teens aged 9-12 years.

Unit 1: All About Puberty and What to Expect

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The first unit provides an in-depth overview of puberty, covering physical changes such as growth spurts, body hair, and menstruation, as well as emotional and social transformations that transpire during this period. Parents and pre-teens will learn what to expect during puberty and how to prepare for these changes. This course also emphasizes the significance of starting discussions about puberty and ongoing communication.

Unit 2: Coping with Puberty

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Learning how to navigate changes in relationships.

The second unit is centered around coping with puberty. This section provides practical tips and recommendations for dealing with the physical and emotional challenges that arise during puberty. Parents and pre-teens will learn how to handle issues like body image, bullying, and peer pressure, and how to develop resilience to face these challenges.

Why Puberty Talk is essential

Puberty Talk is an outstanding resource for parents and pre-teens to explore puberty together in a safe and supportive environment. The course is designed to be engaging, age-appropriate, and educational, helping parents and pre-teens understand why puberty occurs, how it happens, and what to expect. This course also includes an activity book that parents and pre-teens can work on together, providing an interactive way to learn about puberty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Puberty Talk includes answers to some of the most commonly asked questions to alleviate any concerns. The course does not provide any information about reproduction or sex, solely puberty. The images used in the course are age-appropriate, with cartoon images of genitals used to explain their correct names, body safety, and what happens during puberty.


Navigating puberty can be a challenging time for pre-teens and their parents or caregivers. However, with the help of Puberty Talk, parents, and pre-teens can explore this topic together in a safe and supportive environment. The course is designed to be age-appropriate, educational, and engaging, helping parents and pre-teens to understand the changes that occur during puberty, how to cope with them, and how to develop resilience to face the challenges that may arise. By taking this course, parents and pre-teens can establish a stronger relationship based on open and ongoing communication, which will aid them in navigating puberty with confidence.

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If you’re a parent or caregiver of a pre-teen aged 9-12 years, investing in this course is an excellent way to support your child’s well-being. It’s an engaging, educational, and supportive approach to the topic of puberty and the changes that accompany it. Order your course today for only A$59 and start having positive conversations with your pre-teen about puberty.

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